Invited speakers 2023

Vincent Goiffon (ISAE SUPAERO, Toulouse, FRA)

  • »Radiation Effects on Solid-State Image Sensors«

Sven Höfling (University of Würzburg, DEU)

  • »Interband cascade Laser«

Linda Höglund (IRnova, Kista, SWE)

  • »T2SL-based MWIR HOT imagers«

Chris Maxey (Leonardo UK, Southampton, GBR)

  • »MCT based avalanche photo diodes (APDs)«

Badhise Ben Bakir (CEA-Leti, Grenoble, FRA)

  • »III-V on Silicon QC-Laser Integration and Photonic Integrated Circuits: Towards Ultimate Miniaturization of Mid-IR Sensors«

Alberto Tosi (Politecnico di Milano, ITA)

  • »InGaAs/InP and Ge-on-Si Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes for SWIR applications«

Eric Tournié (University of Montpellier, FRA)

  • »Mid-IR lasers epitaxially integrated onto Si«